Wow!  Hard to believe how long it's been since I've posted some updates to this site. Between writing four books, overseas travel and deployments, and working the current job... things just got a little hectic!

I just added photos from some contributors, and set up the "Tanker Hazards" pages.

Having said this, here's what else I've done so far and my plan:...

1. I have almost completed scanning ALL of my negatives of Army and armor photographs (over 1,000 shots selected).

2. I have sorted and organized thousands of digital images I've collected since going to a digital camera.

3. I have organized and scanned photos and digital images of Patton Museum reenactment work I've been involved in.

My plan is to reduce the images for posting on the site, and then to follow through in the near future. However, I can promise nothing at this point, as field research and writing has kept me very busy.  Please remember that when I started this site it was just a hobby... a labor of love. Now that professional projects have pressed in on my time, such hobby items get left behind and are hard to maintain. Nevertheless, the desire is there so please be patient with me!
What's New.... 2010
In the driver's position of a rare Panther II, summer 2001
Above, in the TC position of a German WW II Pzkw IIIL.

Below, in the TC position of the Soviet made T-72.