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Germany, 1979
Welcome. This site is dedicated to the armored crewmen of the United States Army.   In particular, this site focuses on the use of  the M-60 series tanks.
A mech infantry and M-1 section will be added soon.
All photos on this site are from the collection of Russ Rodgers, unless stated otherwise.  Please ask for permission to use any from this site.  Thanks.
"Victory or Death"
Armor-  the Combat Arm of Decision
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Last updated on: July 24, 2010
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Late 1970s Qualification patch
Basic and Advanced Training
Being a  Tank Crewman
Main Gun and Machine Guns
Training for Combat
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Armored Vehicles of Foreign Nations
32nd Armored Rgt
Evolution of the M-60
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Training to be a Tanker
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Tank Crew Positions
Tank Gunnery
Development of the M-60 series
Field Exercises and Training
Life as a Tanker
Tanker Hazards
Foreign Armor
108th Armored Rgt
37th Armored Rgt
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